Sunday, July 31, 2011

Exodus 5

Sometimes, complete obedience to God can really wreck your reputation, your relationships, your day and even your job.

Lord, I thank You for the opportunity to obey You, the times You have allowed me to choose between You and what is easier and more palatable to do,  the circumstances which seem right to man - but are wrong for Your child.  You have blessed me with situations which make no earthly sense to walk through; but You called me to them and through them.  In those times, I knew what it was to follow You rather than logic, to obey rather than cave to man's verdicts and judgments.  And, I learned so much about You, Your faithfulness, Your creativeness, Your attention to detail, Your passion to hear our prayers that they may be answered.  God, You are my God.  I praise You for the many years which seem quite miserable in the description, almost silly when trying to explain; but I received You.  I experienced what You would do for one of Your children, I think because I chose to wait - and not always patiently nor contently (Thank You) - on You.   Who am I that You would incline Yourself to me?  Thank You.  Please help me to be strong enough to always  choose Your way, Your words, Your timing.  Let me bring You glory, even if it costs me my reputation, my relationships, my day, my life.

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