Saturday, July 16, 2011

Genesis 40

Joseph saw the men in his care were downcast asked them why.  He did his job; but he also cared about them.  He directed them to God as the interpreter of dreams; but he yielded himself to be a tool for God's words to them.  Joseph had the courage to give the dire truth to the baker.  Joseph didn't hedge or falter, he spoke the meaning plainly.

The conduct of Joseph again draws me in - he was respectful and responsible; but he also invested in the people he was around.  He could have done his job without inquiring after the two men.  He could have missed their sadness because he did not know them well enough.  But Joseph did know them, he did have concern for them and he cared enough to speak the truth to them.  

Father, help me to invest better in those You entrust to me.  Help me to know them well and to be concerned - even when it's not convenient or comfortable to me.  Grant me the holy chutzpah to speak Your truth, especially when it is hard.  Help me to steward people and Your truth graciously and to Your glory.

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