Saturday, July 9, 2011

Genesis 33

Previously, Jacob fled his home after he had nose-dived from grace with his dad and brother, (Genesis 27).  Twenty years later, Jacob sensed that he had fallen from favor in Laban's camp, (Genesis 31).  On Jacob's exodus to his family's homestead, he begins to receive favor from the Lord.  Now, Jacob desires to be regarded by Esau with favor.  

Favor is better than manipulation.   

Than fear.  

Than cheating.  

Than worry.  

Than unrighteousness.

Than anything I can do for myself.  

Favor is grace.

Seek favor.  Respond to favor.  Give favor.

El 'Elohey Yisra'el - El 'Elohey me,  Thank You for Your favor.  Thank You for Your redeeming grace to one that does not deserve.  I confess I want to work things out for myself, I am prone to manipulate details to suit my comfort, I react with fear and worry rather than faith.  I choose grace.  i choose Grace.  Strengthen me and train me to receive Your grace and favor for today.  May I not stray from the path of Your provided grace. 

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