Thursday, July 28, 2011

Exodus 2

A baby boy born alive with a death sentence on his head.  An infant who is given up by a slave, then taken up by a princess, who is raised in the royal court, who then holds court on another, who takes that life, who runs for his own, who serves and protects strangers as he disappears from the scene of suffering for years.  

He was recognized as an exceptional child - but not a firstborn, a Hebrew, a murderer; all of which he was.  And an Egyptian, which he wasn't ... not completely ... well, it was complicated.

A path that I would not select for the one to head up the Israel-exodus committee. 

God's ways are not mine. 

But God is sovereign over all things, dubious references and resumes included. 

And what of all the time this young man had before he was "useful" to God?  Was it wasted in the palace, the homicide, the running away, becoming an alien in a foreign land?  God is still sovereign over that.  God defines what is "useful" to Him, as well. 

I am challenged that God's path is not the expected one.   Man's protocol does not define nor bind God.  Classic God example is Christ, who is risen from the dead. Man's plan is that dead folk stay dead.  The Lord is just so exotically Himself.

Father God, Holy One of Israel, Your timing is terribly perfect and patient.  You are not bound by my heritage, my gender, my education, my economic circumstances,  my screw-ups, the opportunities I have slaughtered, the secrets I want to leave buried in the sand, my exoduses from unpleasant situations, my identity nor my complications.  As hard as it is for me to comprehend and walk in confidence regarding, You have me where You want me.  All the time.  I can't surprise You nor can I throw You a curve ball.  What is or isn't is completely under Your sovereign grace, wisdom and power.  Give me eyes to see, knees to bow before You, a heart to worship You and give You glory in the palaces, deserts and all places in between which You provide me.  I love how You are You, like no one else!

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