Sunday, July 10, 2011

Genesis 34

Dinah went out in an unfamiliar land.  She was a newcomer to the area, she didn't know the customs, nor the cautions, nor the characters.  This did not end well.

As a follower of Christ, I am looking for my home in a distant place and time.  I am often unfamiliar with this world; increasingly, I am unaware of the customs and the cautions.  The longer I am in pursuit of the True, the less I am knowledgeable about the present.  Customs, habits, T.V. shows, dress codes, conduct, music.  I am growing more out of touch with what is "in" by the  week - and I don't think it is so much related to getting older ...  I think it's that these things no longer interest me, compel me, lure me as they once did.  I digress, however.

So, as a believer, I am an alien in this place.  Like Dinah, I don't know the lay of the land, the landowners and the landmarks.  My caution from this text is to not act at the whim of my curiosity - but rather at the direction of my God.   I am not home here; I am in the camp of the enemy.  Curiosity without God can be very dangerous.  

Where am I wandering away from God's camp and protection in my life, in my imagination?  What safeguards do I need to ensure my interest in the world around me - even innocent perusing - does not step beyond the boundaries of my Lord's fence-line?

Also, Jacob refused to let Esau or his boys have anything to do with his entourage.  I wonder if what Jacob feared from Esau was any worse than what actually happened.  

Where are my fears driving me to make a godless decision?

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