Friday, July 22, 2011

Genesis 46


God saw and spoke to the rejected Hagar there, 
Abraham called on the Name of the LORD, the Everlasting God
                 and planted a tamarisk tree there, 
Isaac built an altar and called on the Name of the LORD after the LORD
                 spoke to him there,
Isaac's servants found water for themselves there,
Israel offered sacrifices to the God of his father and that same God
                 was his as the LORD spoke to him in visions there.

Purpose, promises, precious words spoken from the Most Holy God to His creation at Beersheba.  Needs seen, needs met.   Calling.  Answering.  Worship.  Devotion.  Assurance.  Acceptance.  Hope.  Sustenance.  Refreshment.  Laying down.  Getting up.  Personal.  Relational.  Private.  Real.

Lord God, help me to sit before You, call on Your very great Name, plant a forest of righteousness, build altars, offer myself as a living sacrifice, and receive Your words, visions and revelation at "our" Beersheba.  May I faithfully and consistently tend to the place from which the Living Water is drawn.  I recognize I don't understand all that I ask with this prayer; but I trust You to show up, speak and give me understanding.  May I steward well what You entrust to me.  You are my Beersheba.

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