Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Genesis 20

Thank You Father, that even when I blow a decision, You can still protect me.  I recognize that I can't rely on that protection and so make bad choices all the time; but when I do screw up, thank You for watching over me.  Lord God, help me to learn my lessons the first time.  Help me seek You and, if necessary, wise counsel when faced with unexpected or fearful opportunities.  Lord, help me to speak a word of caution if I hear a loved one planning what seems to me to be a disaster.  Let me receive wise direction from others when I am poised to jump the shark of reason and obedience.  Grant me wisdom and perseverance to walk through this life as who I am and not someone else - no matter who tells me differently.  You define me, Your Word, Your grace, Your love, Your plan; not some man-plan conceived in fear.

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