Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Genesis 44

Judah pleads with many words for Benjamin.  He tells the whole story, the "I gotta tell you that so I can tell you this" to a surprisingly patient overseer (lol).  I am encouraged as I am one to use many words to convey what I mean.  

I'm sorry, I don't know how to do it otherwise, I simply think with the words.  Many times,  I don't even know where I will end until the process of words has run its course.  Often, that's how the Lord speaks to me.  It is truly how I think, how I reason.  

I have prayed for brevity; but it hasn't come.  Judah's speech reassures me.  His boldness challenges me.  His passion inspires me.  Thank You, Father for this sweet embrace in word form.  You love like no other!

And again, I am moved that it is Judah who initiates taking the place of a beloved in responsibility, slavery and perhaps death.  What a precious gift to Benjamin, Joseph, the other brothers and ultimately his father.  A lion called Judah.  Sweet Jesus, thank You for Your unmatchable, unfathomable gift of taking my place.  You are the Initiator of Grace and You are the One who completes grace.  I praise You.

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