Thursday, July 21, 2011

Genesis 45

Joseph tells his brothers what to say to their dad - not one part mentions what they did to him.  It seems that Joseph perhaps is trying to distract from those events by telling of the great work of their God in his position.  Oh Lord, that I could forgive so cleanly, genuinely and winsomely.  I know, it's not forgiveness if it is not complete.  Lord, help to me have a default setting of thorough forgiveness and grace.  And may it bring You glory.

Give no thought to your possessions, for the best ... is yours.

This challenges me as God's call says to lay down what I treasure, die to myself daily and carry my cross (still not sure what all that means); but what He offers me in exchange for the dailyness of diligence is the best.  Himself.  Lord God, may I daily submit to Your call and purpose for my life.  May I be quick to go where You direct and travel lightly.  Let my heart have no affiliation, no allegiance, no affection that You do not authorize.

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