Friday, July 29, 2011

exodus 3

I read my scripture from and listen to one of their audio files reading it to me at the same time, (and Pandora is playing one of my favorite instrumental stations in the background, too).  Often, as I do this, one or more of my kids sits in the room with me working on school work.  

This morning, my son listened with me and remarked, "It's funny that Moses is worrying about who he is to talk to Pharaoh when he is talking to GOD.  It seems he's more respectful or worried about Pharaoh than he is about GOD."  Ouch.  Help me, Father, to always be more mindful of You than anyone, thing or circumstance I encounter.

Moses was working for another doing his job in solitude.  God met Moses on the west side of the wilderness.  Lord, please meet me in the dailyness of my work, help me to have eyes to see and a willingness to respond to You in the west side of my wildernesses.  I want to respond.

God warns Moses that Pharaoh will only "comply" under compulsion.  When God is encouraging compliance in oppressors, that same wave of "motivation" can splash on the faithful ones He is liberating.  God, give me heart and vision for the liberating.  Help me to be first-response-compliant to You and love You and others well in the splash zone of testings.  You are good, God, and what You do is good.  I praise You.


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