Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Genesis 43

Israel and his sons were afraid of 'the man.'  They screw up their plans and courage, resolving to make the best of the situation in their own strength and power.  God is not sought once. Nor is He trusted to be in charge of the strains, demands and reality of the relationships.  Sadly, He's mentioned almost as an afterthought in the goodbye.  Fear is what carries the day. 

Yikes!  Too often, this describes me.

Lord God, heal me of the fear of man, the addiction to man's approval, the insecurity of not making the grade.   God, I know and trust You; but often I have a heart-panic and I forget that I do trust You.  Please help me remember Your faithfulness in the situations of my life.  I want to run to You first, have You make my plans and follow Your lead.  I need You to interpret my life for me.  Make it so, Lord, make it so. 

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