Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Genesis 36

Genesis 25, the LORD's response to Rebekah regarding her pregnacy:

Two nations are in your womb;
And two peoples will be separated from your body;
And one people shall be stronger than the other;
And the older shall serve the younger.

Genesis 28, Isaac's blessing to Esau:

Behold, away from the fertility of the earth shall be your dwelling,
And away from the dew of heaven from above.
By your sword you shall live,
And your brother you shall serve;
But it shall come about when you become restless,
That you will break his yoke from your neck.

Genesis 36 tells of all of Esau's sons.  The nations of people who began with him. 

True, Esau had frittered away his birthright, had tried to please his parents by marrying someone from the family (after marrying a couple which drove his parents mad) and had begged for a blessing after he's had his stolen.  He could have had a very sad, unforgiving, angry or tragic life, could have played the victim,  could have been stuck by his circumstances and what people said about him - even the LORD.

Esau had children, he had a family.  He grew up and he prospered.  His end was much better than his beginning as a young man.  He was not defeated by what had occurred in his life.  He didn't quit because his forecast was not as brilliant as his brother's.  He appears to have lived a full and generous life, even to the point of having some reconciliation with his brother. 

I can't pretend to know the meaning and ramifications of the divine words spoken regarding Esau and his brother.  But, maybe the yoke Esau threw off was one of unforgiveness towards his brother.  Perhaps that is what allowed Esau to flourish under the circumstances and "done-wrongs" by his brother.

My challenge from this is no matter what God is doing in my life, He is still doing big things in other's lives.  And vice-versa, no matter what He does in other's lives, He is still working in mine.  Don't let one person's prophecy or ministry or life shut someone else down.  Don't get so caught up in one person's life, work or situation that I neglect to live out my own.  I am encouraged here to work to live my own life, and encourage others to live their own. 

Father, let me walk in the contentment borne of a well-lived, loving-well and quick to forgive life; help me to spread that soul-ish satisfaction throughout my life, all to the praise of Your very great Name. 

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