Thursday, July 7, 2011

Genesis 31

Laban said, "This heap is a witness between you and me today."

This heap of messed up family, deceptions, insecurities and issues, it's a witness for sure.  It's still a witness.

Jacob runs away from this scenario in fear, just as he ran away from his parent's home - without confrontation, repentance or resolution.  Jacob has lived twenty years being cheated and is on his back to where he cheated others.

This hits me in two ways. ... One is to walk in integrity and keep short accounts.  I dread confrontation; but a quickly and honestly dealt with situation is much less pressure and pain than one I am haunted by.  Whether I am the offender or the offended, may I have eyes to see it, humility to address it and grace to pursue it to the glory of God - not me.  Lord, grant me heart to see a thing through and not run away from it, (as I am wont to do).

Secondly, is that God knows all things.  Even when we have been less than honorable in the past, He knows our motives today.  He allowed Jake to stay 20 years in the mess; but He blessed Jake as Jake worked hard and rendered honest service in the employ of a cheat and liar.  God knows what really goes on in lives and hearts and He can tell the story when it's appropriate.  God can make sure the story is never forgotten, too.  So, I can be confident that when a personal matter or a public event, like a court case, don't go the way I may have expected them to, that God is never tricked, manipulated nor bound by mortal's jurisprudence.  Lord, I acknowledge again that You are Lord over all.  You reign and I don't; but I can trust You in the times where things don't make sense and they make me crazy.  Your plan trumphs all others.  May You be glorified in my response.

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