Sunday, July 24, 2011

Genesis 48

Israel puts the younger ahead of the older, just like how he had manipulated his own blessings way back when.  Joseph responds to the wrongness of this arrangement - but receives his father's rebuke and reassurance. After all of the turmoil in the family and the conduct of the brothers, I am not certain who would have stood in line for the blessing of the firstborn; but  Joseph is the only firstborn who did not deceive him., and he is Rachel's first son, too.  Ironically Joseph did not need any tangible goods from Israel to make him richer, either; but this ensures Joseph's part, his double part in the heritage of Israel. 

My head is just a flitter with all these details. 

Why bless as Israel did? The blessing was the father's to give.  Just as my Heavenly Father blesses as He chooses.  Israel chose to bring the younger ahead of the older - kind of backwards; but it was his call.  In God's Kingdom, His ways often seem counter-intuitive to our methods and logic.  To go up, you go down.  Serving is the leader's way.  Sacrifice that you may have.  Die that you may live. 

Israel's eyes were dim; but his spiritual perception was acute.  He knew who, how and when to bless.  He even made sure to do a preemptive blessing on Joseph's children - so the other brothers had the blessings left for them.  No cheating or misdealings were to be done here.

I can wonder if God sees me or remembers my predicament; but when I submit my heart to my loving Father, I am reassured that He knows who, how and when to pour out His blessings and mercies.  I know He is Omni-Sovereign and Omnipotent.  He knows who to lift up and who to let down.  He puts leaders in power and power in servants,  He is worthy to receive sacrifices and fills the empty.  Abundant life of His choosing is for those who lay their right to life down to Him.

Like my Heavenly Father who is patient and self-controlled in His timing, Israel waited until just the right time to give the blessings to Joseph.  I an trust my Father's timeline and disbursement decisions, as well.

Lord God, my Father, please help me to trust You more in Your divine allocations, holy timings and list of recipients.  May I be deeply and soul-ishly pleased to know You and to be Your daughter more than anything You could give or take away from me, more than anything You ever do for another, more than anything I could ever dream or imagine.  Only You can make me content.  Father, I receive Your all-consuming satisfaction, may I turn it back to You in praise and glory of Your great, loving and Fatherly Name.  Father really does know best.  I thank You.

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