Monday, July 18, 2011

Genesis 42

Twenty plus years have passed since Joseph was sold into slavery by his brothers.  They immediately land on the conclusion that this present hardship is a result of their past sin.  I wonder if this is how the previous years were lived, too.  

Reuben stands out to me, as he references his impotent attempt to salvage his brother's future.  I wonder what thoughts decorated his mindscape those twenty years.  How many 'If only, I had ... ' or 'I should have ... ' did he wrestle with?   Reuben had tried to manipulate the evil the others planned; but he had not taken a firm, clear stand against it.

Lord God, I confess I have several 'If only's' and 'I shoulda's' in my history; but I know that You are Lord over my past, present and my future.  I choose to lay those  situations at the foot of Your cross as well as yield my theoretical thoughts to You.  Guide me in wisdom, forgiveness and reconciliation that I may glorify You in every thought, word, action and interaction; even today.  Strengthen me that I may confront evil directly and clearly, that I would be useful to You to rescue those whose souls are in distress.  God, I fear You; I want to live Your way and make You famous in my life.  Even today, Lord.

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