Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Genesis 30

Rachel wanted children so desperately that she claimed she would die if she did not have them.  Perhaps, Rachel was subject to a cultural standard that children established the woman's value.  Sadly, it appears Rachel believed that about herself, too.  

When children failed to materialize for her, Rachel has the "Sarah-solution" of offering her maid-servant to her husband.  

Lord God, I know that I have wanted a thing or two as badly as Rachel sought children - things which I just knew would fulfill me perfectly.  In Your wisdom, those things have remained elusive and I thank You for those mercies.  Let me never forget who I am because of Who You are and what You have done.  Please help me to not believe what the world says about me; but what You say. I don't want to conform to this world; Holy Spirit, transform me.  Let me press in and grow in intimacy with You, Lord, in the giftings of Your denials.

Father, I would have thought that the Sarah/Hagar story would be part of the heritage of this family.  That at the mere mention of 'surrogate motherhood,' Abraham's grandson would rebuke the woman soundly; but that wasn't the case.  Help me, Lord God, to allow You to use my history for blessing and not the prostitution of anyone.  Help me to walk in the truth of life You have for me and to teach liberty to my children and any other You bring my way.  

May I be content in Your dealings with me, useful right where You have me and still on the altar of living sacrifice.  Please help me to never want a thing, a person, an experience more than You.  You are Enough!

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