Monday, July 25, 2011

Genesis 49

I wait for your salvation, O Lord.

In the middle of his last act of parenting, this aged, frail father cries out to his Lord.  He realized the end of his earthly journey was close and faithfully states that he is expecting God's salvation. 

I don't know if it was for himself, for the men he called sons, the generations of the nation coming from him or prophetically for Christ.  Maybe some combination of all. 

I am encouraged, with all that Jacob was giving out, that he is parked in expectancy of His Lord's provision of preservation, deliverance, rescue, redemption.  Lord, may I never do anything without expecting Your salvation.

One other little personal kind of encouragement is that it is Jacob who calls his sons, Jacob who blesses, Jacob who desires to join his fathers, mothers and his wife Leah and Jacob who dies.  He was Jacob for his childhood, his young adulthood, his weddings, his children's births, his fathering.  How strange it must have been to have a different name so late into his life.  I am blessed that it is the individual name who closes this chapter, not the national name.  I love God's attention to details and individuals.  I praise You, Father, that You are the God who sees me, the One who knows my name and the One who lifts up my face.  Only You.

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