Saturday, July 30, 2011

Exodus 4

Moses has no trouble speaking to the Lord, even as he says he has trouble speaking.  The Lord gives him signs to perform which do not require speech, just a display.  It seems to me that Moses is holding back, that he doesn't want to go and do what the Lord has instructed him to do.  What's he holding on to?

Later, Moses is almost killed as he begins his journey with his wife and son.    Zipporah, Mrs. Moses, responds to the threat on her husband's life with circumcising their son.  Probably not my knee-jerk response to the situation.  

She is a Midianite.  Midian was a child of Keturah and Abraham.  Moses was from Jacob's line.  I would imagine that circumcision was a well-known procedure in each of their cultures.  Given Zippy's response of immediate circ'ing, it seems the ritual was known and perhaps one that had even been discussed in their home, perhaps even recently.

Why would this not have been done previously?  Would Moses or Zippy have withheld this God-ordained ceremony from their child?  Would the fact that Moses had been circ'd have anything to do with why he wasn't married in Egypt?  What was wrongly believed or held onto?

God, please show me what I am holding onto that needs to be discarded, where I am delinquent in obedience to Your word - which I know is disobedience.  Reveal to me what I am wrongly believing, even defiantly clinging to.  May my heart be fully yours, my thoughts completely yielded to You and my response be 'yes' and immediately so.  You alone are worthy of the glory, honor, praise and obedience of Your creation.  May it be so in my life.

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