Thursday, July 28, 2011

Exodus 1

The new Egyptian king did not know Joseph.  He was afraid of what the Hebrews would do or not do to his kingdom.  He oppressed them, they prospered.  Egyptians dreaded the Israelites.  The Egyptians dealt ruthlessly with their perceived enemy.  

As a believer, the world does not know me or other children of God.  The regular folk can be afraid of  the mere culture of Christianity - they do not know.  The enemy tries to oppress; however God's ways are for abundant life and His child prospers - perhaps not in the currency of man - but blessings cometh.  And as the soul-deep contentment permeates the life of the oppressed believer, outsiders can dread dealing with a Christ-follower - they just do not know nor do they get it.  The followers-of-other-gods can even perceive an adversary in the God-faithful and choose to deal harshly with those same God-faithful ones.  They do not know.

Lord God, if it had not been for You, I would not know. I thank You and praise You for Your gracious love towards me.  Yet, if I didn't know,  I could be afraid of Christ's culture.  In the past, I have been ashamed of how You have been represented, perhaps I have been part of the oppressing.   I am so sorry.  Let me not barter in the marketplace of man's ways; but let me walk in Your ways, all my days, revealing and reveling in Your peace which permeates all problems, predicaments and passions.  I want to be part of those that help others to know You.  To recognize You and to respond to You.  You are already at work in other's lives - may I join You and Your efforts?  Please help me to spread Your message of Peace, Faithfulness and Salvation to those who do not know.  Oh, that all would know.

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