Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Psalm 97

1THE LORD reigns, let the earth rejoice;... 12Rejoice in the Lord, you [consistently] righteous (upright and in right standing with God), and give thanks at the remembrance of His holiness.

The earth is to rejoice because the LORD is King of All.  The Righteous are to rejoice in Him, too.  Just because He is, we are to rejoice and because He has declared us righteous, we are to rejoice, (I feel a bit louder).  Not that He is answering any prayer or giving us anything at all.  Just because He Is King, Sovereign, Master, Creator, Saviour and Judge.  The first use of the word 'rejoice' is the word 'giyl' which means to rejoice, exult, be glad.  It is pronounced with a hard g-sound...GEEL.  Doesn't that sound glad?  GEEL.  What a happy word!  It would be hard to GEEL without some joy slipping through.  Try it. 

We are to be grateful and offer praise when thinking about His holiness.  Not that He's doing anything for us; but just to be thankful because we have thought of His sacredness.  His characteristic holiness is sufficient reason to usher me into a greater awareness and appreciation of that same holiness.  Express that response.

So, my challenge is that the rejoicing and the gratitude are to be natural responses to Yahweh... just because He is.  He is God, LORD, Sovereign King of the Universe, etc. and He is all of that without me.  Because I am His creation, I am to respond with gladness.
This is before anything to do with me.  Then, more rejoicing as I am righteous, by His great favor and an expression of gracious appreciation to Him for His holiness.  Where is my rejoice-setting?  Why don't I get all GEEL-y over that fact that He reigns?  What is my real response to His sacredness?  Why am I more convicted (as a righteous person!) than grateful and GEEL-y?

God, You are worthy of utter GEEL-iness from me just because You are God and You rule.  YOU RULE!!!  I desire to be increasingly grateful for Your sacredness.  Please cultivate in me the supernatural responses that You made me for...that I might honor You as You deserve. Let my reaction to You and to thoughts of You be consistent with Your Majesty and holy character.  Teach me in the ways of worship and wisdom for the praise and fame Your Great Name.

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