Wednesday, December 15, 2010

1 Thessalonians 1

The journey can seem long and often my goals and expectations do not get met in the fashion I have set up.  But when my expectations are on God and I look to see what He is doing rather than not doing, I am upborn by His amazing timing and the fact that His Work is always being accomplished...despite what I feel.  Sometimes the stage is not set for me (and it is not about me) to be able to see the fruit of His purposes; but even though I can't see the the blossom becoming a fruit and the fruit ripening, it still happens.  One thing I am learning is that when things goes terribly awry from what I would plan or desire, that is often when God shows up the best - so look for Him and expect Him.  He is never out of the mood to be God  or distracted.

In reading Thessalonians 1, I was amazed that back in Acts 17 Paul and Silas  has spent less than a month in Thessalonia before being in the dark of night to Berea - it seems for their own safety.  This is were a few Jews and "a many God-fearing Greek men and quite a few prominent women"  believed that Jesus was Messiah.  So, this group of already-under-attack believers has a minority of them familiar with the Old Testament teachings and less than 30 days of teaching.  What in the world do you do with that?  How would you learn without a book and a teacher?  How would you even know how to begin?  Yet, when Paul writes his letter to them, it is filled with praise for their faithful work, loving deeds, and the enduring hope (they) have...they had become an example to all the believers in Greece and beyond (in space and time =} ) with the word of their faith-based spite of the severe suffering they also experienced as a result of believing God.  The God's Good News is accompanied by God's Holy Spirit who brings power and assurance to the teaching ( verse 5).  And that was enough for their witness to extend past geographical and time boundaries.  It seems they didn't worry about what they lacked; they knew in power and assurance they had all they needed and they got busy with it.  Where am I looking at what I lack and how MUCH I don't know and getting stuck in the muck of that deception?  Sovereign Lord of the Universe, Help me to operate in what You have provided for me, confident that it is sufficient and most likely far more abundant than what I recognize.  Let me not long for a greener accommodations before I move in response to Your leading.  You give the Word, You give the Holy Spirit, You give the assurance, You give the power, You have the plan, You give the work, You, YOu, YOU!  It is about You and You know what You are doing (even when I don't). Praise Your Name.

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