Wednesday, December 15, 2010

1 Corinthians 8

13 So if what I eat causes another believer to sin, I will never eat
 meat again as long as I live—for I don’t want to cause another believer to stumble.

So, if what I ________ causes another believer to sin, will I never 
again __________ as long as I live - because it truly is that important
to me to not cause another believer to stumble? 

This is in answer to a question the Corinthians had, I am 
wondering about the types of things we question or talk about today...
drinking, smoking, colorful language, R-rated (or worse)movies, mature
games, clothing styles, debt, tatoos, magazine subscriptions or just 
issues, tv programs choices, etc.  

But just what do I endorse to others when I "like" certain things or 
get excited about a show that I would not care to watch with Jesus or
the Apostle Paul, (and why do I think that Jesus would be easier to 
sit with than Paul? sorry, butterfly). 

What do my habits and examples speak about my beliefs to those who may
be struggling with a serious problem of _______?  

How am I misconstruing God's call to holiness by living too freely in
my knowledge? What price am I willing to put on my freedom - would it
be another's believer's destruction?  I hope not.

Holy Spirit, please give me a heart for my spiritual sibling's safety.
Please help me to be passionate for a holy life so that I am not tied
to anything in this world at the cost of sinning against my precious 
Savior nor causing injury to a "weaker believer".  I thank You, God, 
for providing me with mature believers whose righteous behavior and 
choices have helped keep me from falling into destruction.  Help me 
to not grow lax nor lazy in this regard. I am Your servant not my own.

I just read Troy's and Lori's posts.  Their responses combined with 
how the Spirit spoke to me begs this question of me:  What will I lay
down of myself in order to build up another, to the glory of our Savior? 
I can't build anything while I am holding on to a bunch of stuff and rights.

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