Wednesday, December 15, 2010

1 Corinthians 6

Cheaters and "greeders" are on par with idolators...none will have their share in the Kingdom.  The same judgment = no.  This is huge as our culture propagates greediness and materialism with the marketing, elitism, and even technological "demands".  Cheaters have clout and not much shame.  Sometimes "greeders" are cheaters...Bernie Madoff.  Or maybe it's that all sin is done by a greedy heart.  Cheaters  often have many willing co-conspirators...Tiger Woods.  But as Pastor Troy has pointed out, how many times do you need to cheat, be greedy, lie, kill or  _______ sin before you are a cheater, greedy person, liar, killer or ______-er?

 In this "gotta-have-it-all" world and "can't-get-enough" country, I am confronted with the fact that a greedy heart or a cheater heart is no different from an idolatrous heart...the outcome is no part in the Kingdom of  Heaven.  Then the admonition to not become a slave to anything couples with this and , whoa...I am free.  I am freed from many pressures and protocols of what I have learned to do.  I do not have to have the latest __________ or collect a single ______________.  I don't need an HD- anything nor a Hybrid other thing.   I can freely correct my server when my bill is under what it should be, be confident in paying my taxes (every penny), tip well, truly stop at each stop sign, etc.  because I am a Kingdom girl whose heart is united with the King's.  It's His list that matters, not Macy's nor Good Housekeeping's nor even Martha Stewart's.  It is His pleasure I seek not my neighbor's, my government's, nor my own.  I am free to love as He directs me as I am not burdened or enslaved by the trappings of this social order or Apple's latest revelation.  I don't have to stand in line hours before a store opens or "friend" people on social networks because I know that my significance lies, not behind a door or number of "friends"; but at the foot of the bloody Cross and my power comes from the same Power that caused the tomb to be emptied in the redemptive three-day weekend.  God kept decay from His house; can anything I can be greedy or cheaty about offer the same promise?

I have been cleansed, set apart, and made right before God, by God, I have been joined with God in spirit...I must not become a slave to anything and I must glorify God, honor my Heavenly Father, with my physical being.  I am to be a living sacrifice to God, as He has bought me at a great and awesome cost and I am His as a result.  I must not be a slave to this world or anything in it.  My spiritual settings will greatly aid my physical patterns, thereby allowing me to glorify my God.  As I recognize the freedom I have to not be tied to this world, I will travel much lighter on this pilgrimage of life.  Just like when I was overseas, where many locals could tell I was not from their country by my very demeanor and responses, let it be that I conduct myself as a Kingdom princess rather than a mere the praise of my King. 

Oh, let my heart make me homesick for Your Kingdom.  Give me eyes to see Your glorious Kingdom as it overlays the physical landscape and courage to prevail as Your daughter during the travels You give me through this earthen village.  Please glorify Yourself.

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