Wednesday, December 15, 2010

1 Thessalonians 2

As the Gospel is given to others my lifestyle will demonstrate a deepening love for them, my motives will be God-oriented and not man-pleasing for the stark truths of God's-Gospel are true, pure and without deception.  The Gospel is not to please man; but to save man.  Satanic hindering, outrageous opposition and extreme suffering accompany God's Gospel; but persevering in faith despite trouble is a hallmark of a life truly God-changed. 

Am I prepared to live such a life and invite others into that same?  Am I pouring my life out for the people that God calls to Himself?  Do I love deeply even those I don't naturally care for?
Am I adequately sharing the Gospel so that others will stand firm in the trials and Satanic-slams that will come their way and not recant a half-felt agreement that they wanted God to change/better their lives?, (am I sharing the God-pleasing Gospel which yields transformed lives and dynamic Christ-followers and not the man-pleasing Gospel which yields fickle results and fruitless, unconverted believers?) 

Studying Paul and the other apostles is causing quite a stir in me...part of me would like to take some time to study sunsets for a while, instead.  But that would not be persevering in the Word, would it?

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