Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Psalm 30

What I notice about this Psalm are the dichotomies and juxtapositions of God and girl.  I am so far away from God but for His coming close to me.

You, Lord have lifted me up, drawn me up and not let my enemies be over me in rejoicing,  so I, in response, will lift You up. Your anger is temporary; Your favor is for a lifetime, Your favor is life.  My weeping was last night, joy is on the way.  Your obvious favor establishes me so I won't wiggle about; but Your hidden face greatly troubles me and causes anxiety.   I cry and make supplication for You to hear, have mercy, be gracious to me and to be my Helper. You turn my mourning ways into celebration dancing, my grief for gladness.  I cried, You healed me, brought me up and kept me alive. 

I will exalt You, L
ord...the Lord lifted me up so I am to uplift Him.
I am to sing to You and be grateful at the remembrance of Your holy Name.  My song is for Him and my gratitude comes from  responding to His holiness.
I will give thanks to You forever.  Even though I cry and need help, I am to forevermore express my thanks to the Lord, my God... For God is in Heaven  and He lifts me up, heals me, keeps me alive, gives me favor, brings me joy, establishes me firmly, takes my mourning and is my Lord of the Dance.  I am on the earth receiving His gifts and favor, singing thanks and responding to His grace in my life.  My song better not be half-hearted after all He has done and is doing for me.

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