Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Acts 17

The Bereans searched the Scriptures day after day to see if Paul and Silas were teaching the truth.  As a result, many Jews believed, as did many of the prominent Greek women and men.
As a result of searching the scriptures or therefore or consequently, many believed.  Paul and Silas were faithful to the teaching of truth; but it was compared to the body of truth (the Old Testament, basically) the local people had.  The great news is the Gospel of Jesus Christ stands up to the close examination of those looking for truth, it is completely compatible and cohesive with the Old Testament. When peering at the law and its requirements, a girl can finally understand the utter hopelessness of her estate.  Without the grace of Christ's redeeming gift, that's where anyone would be left - in the hopelessness of broken law and judgment.  The most encouraging part of this text is after examining the God-given law and words of the prophets and poets from Israel's past, this body of people were prepared for the message of Gospel-grace and as a result, many believed.  Lord, help me to share Your Gospel in the framework of Your law's requirements in order that those that are prepared by You for salvation will be able to receive Your Gift.   Lord, I see that without the law, salvation doesn't make too much sense for many people.  Equip me to display the unity of Your Word in my sharing that Your Kingdom may be enlarged for the glory of Your Name.  Please help me through Your Word and Holy Spirit to consistently filter the messages I receive...searching to see if they are The Truth.  Let me use my spirit of rebellion to resist the deceptions of the enemy and not You.

Am I so compelled by God's Word that I examine it and search it day after day to be ready for the next Word from God?  Am I preparing today to be in position to receive what He has for me tomorrow?  or even later today?  Am I mission-forward or am I AWOL?  How much better to have the words from the morning apply to the day than have the words from the evening summarize the day.  Why would I choose to go through my journey d' jour  without strength, power, life, wisdom, etc.; but isn't that what I choose when I don't search the scriptures for what Father has for me today (and most opportune, in the morning)?

Additionally, the Athenians were so intrigued with the latest ideas that they gave stage to the Original Ideamaker. I appreciate the irony of their passion for the new allowed them to listen to the story of the Beginning and the End, the One Who Was before time began.  Yet, I am challenged to consider what do I do which seeks after the trendy (latest Bible study, a new translation, a popular teacher available on You-Tube or God-Tube) instead of just seeking after The TrendMaker... Father help me to find accountability in You rather than a page of someone else's words (no matter how rich and fun and wise, they are), help me to begin with You and see You all through the day and events. Help me not to behave as if I am looking for a replacement or shortcut to You or with You or (Yikes) around You.

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