Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Leviticus 9

Lord God, this must have been an anxious time for these recent slaves.  One year of freedom under their belts, a tabernacle freshly built, begging for another person to tell them what You wanted and now waiting for Your glory to appear to them - if the sacrifices go well.  Yikes!  No wonder they fell down when Your Shekinah glory consumed the offerings.  I'm not sure I could have stood up in that moment.

I am grateful for being born after You, Lord Jesus; but I don't want my preferences to cause me to miss this huge part of Your children's lives.  You gave them a way to approach You and You met with them.  Your glory displayed for these former slaves who had built treasures for another people and their gods.  How amazing to me that You chose to come in this glorious array and not as a man or any other way.  They had seen Your power, they had benefited from Your wisdom and provision; but they needed to see You in holiness and glory.  And You came, just as You promised.

Help me to not be so casual with my approach to You, with my relationship with You, Sovereign Lord.  You are just as holy and righteous and glorious now as You were then - I pray, help me tremble in Your presence, at Your word.  Help me remember and live from the very distinctive truth that You are not like me; even though You have made greatly available the opportunity to be Your child, to be Your handmaiden.  Let me never forget that You alone are high and lifted up and Your glory fills completely.  And thank You for coming just as You promised then and in Christ and in the Holy Spirit.  You are worthy to be praised and worshiped and bowed down to.

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