Monday, September 12, 2011

Leviticus 7

Father God, I thank You for Your provision of these sacrifices.  You taught and brought reconciliation, holiness and purity in worship.  I praise You that the sacrifices were beneficial to both the priest and the supplicant, in addition to accomplishing the purpose for which they were offered.  You wasted nothing, You showed them how to approach You and how to relate to each other.  Lord, how incredible that You would give them these directions to show them how to worship and how to shed the pagan traits they may have acquired in bondage. 

Lord, I look for You to do that in my life.  I cannot praise You enough for the gift of ultimate sacrifice Your precious Son has given me; but please let me live in the purpose, position and power His life has paid for.  Continue to purify my worship and my motives, let my view of You increase in majesty, holiness and awe. Let me come open-handed and open-hearted that You may have full access to me - that nothing would be kept from You, that nothing would be wasted and that no bondage would be maintained; except for my heart, my mind, my life to be Yours.  To the praise of Your very great Name.

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