Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Leviticus 17

What is not done in God's way is not acceptable. 

Goat demons.  Really?  Goat demons or the LORD God Almighty.  I can't fathom a choice apart from God; but I know what grace the Lord has shown to me.  The fact that I find goat demons puzzling is evidence of His mercy on me. 

Lord, I thank You for Your tender love towards me in placing me in Your family.  Many people I know are being swayed by, romanced by and even sacrificing to goat demons and the like.  Please draw those to You, compel them to Your gracious presence by Your love.  Father, many names come to mind and I lift them to You, now.  Please act on their behalf for salvation's sake.  Please extend Your perfect love to them and allow them to respond to You - without hindrance and deception.  Heal their spirits and souls with Your soothing breath.  And Lord, whatever part You would have me play in their lives, please make it so.  I comply.  To You, o God, I lift those whose names I don't know and those whom I will never meet in my lifetime; but  whose names are not included in Heaven's registry.  Draw them to You and incline Yourself to their lives that they would not miss You - for I know that ultimately they will not wish to miss You.  Encourage them to  choose You, God, let them choose You - and the singular path to You, the Lord Jesus Christ.

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