Monday, September 12, 2011

Leviticus 8

As Moses dressed Aaron in the priestly garments, my mind pictured the Lord Jesus dressing me in His righteousness, holiness and salvation.  Aaron could not dress himself, nor can I clothe myself.  Thank You, Precious Lord Jesus for arraying me in Yourself.  I could not do it myself; nor would I know to do so, if You had not drawn me to Yourself.  Thank You for Your love which made me a royal priestess in Your Kingdom. 

I thank You Lord God that in these sacrifices, the kidneys and the liver are Yours.  You take for Yourself the human filters and You provide us with Your vision and a greater revelation of Yourself.  Lord God, let me never filter my life, rather may You always provide me with Your holy view and purpose.  Please help me to daily offer  my filters and my tendency to want to see things my way to You - that they would be completely consumed on the altar of living sacrifice.  May I look only to You and Your Kingdom for the unfolding of my life, the lives of those who influence me and those I influence.  Your Kingdom come, Your will be done in me and my life as You please.

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