Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Leviticus 3

The Lord saved His people and He now gives them instructions on how to be in right relationship with Him and others.  

Lord God of the Universe, I thank You that salvation only comes from You; but You have provided it to Your creation.  I praise Your Name for You intend for us to know what to do and how to behave in order to be at peace with You and others.  Lord, I am so grateful for Your introduction to the peace/shalom offering here as it shows that the offering is shared by the priest and the supplicant.  By Your representative and the believing person ... that peace is to be shared, that right, restored relationship is to be a common point in relationships, benefit from the offering extends to both the one offering the sacrifice and the one who handles it.  And the smoke goes up to please You, too.  Oh, Lord, help me to live in response to Your desire and provision for peace.  That blessing extends beyond the attainment of peace and well-being to those around me.  That peace blesses You.  Help me, teach me to walk in Your provision and priority of peace  - by Your design and not my own.

Offerings/sacrifices are messy and require more than just me to accomplish the purpose. 

Father, help me to be yielded, humble, teachable and available that I may obey You and Your provision for my life.  I thank You for the people You have put in my life to help me grow up in You.  Please let me carefully respond to Your teachings and directions that I may offer pleasing smoke with my life to You.  I want my life to be that sweet fragrance which is evidence of You.  May You be glorified in it.

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