Friday, September 9, 2011

Leviticus 5

Sin offerings and guilt offerings - for things done and later recognized as sinful or unfaithful or bringing guilt.  

In the close community of these wilderness travelers, I wonder how anything really transpired without a witness or two.  Perhaps the Holy Spirit, Who was not living in them, whispered their transgression to them, maybe He stirred their conscience, and perhaps He encouraged accountability amongst God's children by their close associations.  I can see that the Israelites would understand that when sin was in the camp, it was not a good thing ... and they would be motivated to purity and confession.

Now, what does this say to me?   I need to be in relationships where accountability is at the forefront.  I can be deceived or completely miss something.  The Holy Spirit does speak to me about my actions or non-actions;  He can also implement the compliant heart of a friend to echo truth to me, as well.

The problem is today's culture is not so accountability-oriented - rather it's more tolerant of self-expression.  And, the problem is it's hard for me to receive a correction or even gracious words of discipline.  But, one thing I know:  I need this.  And I need to be receptive and humble to those that the Lord has chosen to use to grow me up in Him, to purify me, to just teach me the right way of good choices; otherwise I will scare off any who cares enough to invest in thoughtful words.  

God help me be humble that I may receive more of Your grace; let me not pursue a prideful life which causes You to resist me.  Please continue to show me where I am blowing it regarding sin, guilt and faith - Let me be more teachable and resilient to Your cultivation.  Please strengthen those that would speak into my life that they would be blessed by their obedience.  Please give me ears to hear, a heart soft enough to receive and a mind willing to change to bring You greater glory.  Protect me from spurious comments, let me not be swayed by swaggering blather - let me recognize Your words when they come to me.  And please help me to be useful to You, if You would desire to use me, to speak loving and prayerful truth to others for Your Kingdom's benefit.  God, I want to honor You.  Teach me Your ways.

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