Sunday, September 4, 2011

Exodus 40

All of the exodusing, manna-ing, treasure-gathering, tabernacle-constructing and building took place in a year.  Their heads must have been spinning.  God, You so love Your people that You teach us in the process of the unfolding of Your will.  You don't just deliver us, magically answer prayers only to let us work out the details of implementation.  You instruct us in the care and keeping of ourselves in the freedom You bestow that we may walk triumphantly in the liberty.  I praise You that You accomplish so much in such a small time.  May I always be compliant with Your plans that You may do much in my little life.

What a great nightlight!  Our God-Daddy is so thoughtful.

Now whenever the cloud lifted from the Tabernacle, the people of Israel would set out on their journey, following it.  But if the cloud did not rise, they remained where they were until it lifted.

I thank You Lord that You don't just tell us to go, You confirm that we are to stay and keep at it until You do move us out.  You do want us to know what to do and when.  Give us eyes and ears and heart and strength to obey.  Give us vision to experience Your glory filling our lives.

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