Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Leviticus 2

The grain offerings were to be made up of fine flour.  Fine flour is very finely ground wheat berries.  Crushed, pounded and hammered until it is uniformly smooth and small in appearance.  All the larger pieces are removed if they do not grind up into the fine flour.  It is a very pure flour.

Lord God, I know that my Messiah was crushed and bruised and pounded - I know that He began that work pure and He ended that work pure and triumphantly.  He took the beating that makes me pure as He paid that amazing and terrible price for me.  I thank You that in Your wisdom, You allow me the privilege to be purified in my  life.  Help me to stay in the pounding that my impurities and inconsistencies will be resolved, to the praise of Your Name.  Help me yield a holy offering to You, for whatever purpose that pleases You.

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