Saturday, September 10, 2011

Leviticus 6

You must make restitution by paying the full price plus an additional 20 percent to the person you have harmed. On the same day you must present a guilt offering.

Thank You, Father God, for showing the urgency of taking responsibility to resolve a sin-situation.  We have earthly consequences we need to address and on the same day we need to be in Your presence regarding this very matter.  I praise You, Holy Spirit, that You speak to us before, during and after a sin - lighting the way to You, that we may know the right way to step in such dark matters.  I thank You that often Your holiness, love and truth discourages many a sin before it is even fully thought out.  I am so grateful You are with me everyday; thank You for doing such a tedious job and for purifying Your handmaiden.

I thank You, Sovereign Lord of the Universe that You are the One who, in these ancient times of wilderness-wandering, supplied the wood for the fire, the perfect, blemish-free animals and the grain.  I confess I get caught up and am tempted to skim over the bloody aspects ... consequentially, I have always overlooked the fact that You ask for the spotless animals and You were the One who supplied them.  Just as they needed.  I wonder what would have happened to Your children had they suddenly no available animals meeting Your requirements - would they have tried harder to not sin?  Would they have just fallen away from Your words?  Would they seek You more? Would they have run back to Egypt?   I thank You that You did not choose to teach them in that fashion, nor have You provided less than a Perfect, All-sufficient Sacrifice for me.  I don't have to wonder what if ... I know that the debt has been paid and You are worthy of all my love and honor and obedience.  Let me walk in the full awareness of all You have done and are still doing - give scope for Your vision.  To the praise of Your Name.

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