Sunday, September 18, 2011

Leviticus 14

This is the law for someone who ... cannot afford the cost of his cleansing.

Lord God, this is me.  I cannot afford the cost of my cleansing, I am a clueless, destitute sinner. Yet, knowing this, You chose to bear my cost, You have made me clean, You were my Sacrifice and my High Priest.  You knew I could not do what was required of me.  I thank You and praise Your very great Name for Your unfathomable gift - a gift whose cost I will never have to know.  Why me, I don't know; but I thank You.  Help me to live in unrestrained response to this truth. 

 The anointing of the right earlobe, the right thumb and the right big toe reminds me, Father, of the anointing of the priests.  Holy is as holy does; Your anointing, humility and obedience to Your Word are components of holy living.  Your call, Your purpose and my faithful response is holiness in practice. Lord, help me to submit to Your Word and purpose in response to Your call on my life.  The fact that the unclean were anointed with blood first and then oil calls to mind Your precious blood, which was shed for me, and the Holy Spirit, who is Your gift to me.  The blood had to precede the Spirit.  I cannot thank You enough or even adequately for what You have done.  That You would die, brutally for me and then give me the Holy Spirit.  Lord, I receive Your anointing, may I honor Your gifts in my days.

...then the priest shall command to take for him who is to be cleansed two living and clean birds, cedar wood, scarlet, and hyssop. 

Lord, You know what I don't know.  But in reading this, the cedar reminded me of the wooden cross You chose.  

The birds speak to me of two lives; one would die that the other may live in freedom - but only through the blood of the first.  

The hyssop branch which had previously been used to mark the doorposts of the precious people with the blood of the lamb on that exodus night - the night when the distinction between Your people and the common was excruciatingly apparent by the grief.  The branch that was used to introduce freedom to Your children.  The branch that David would write about as he is broken in his sinful estate.  The branch which bring purity and cleanness to him.  The branch bearing wine-soaked sponge offered to my Messiah as He hung on that wooden cross, spilling His blood - His life for mine. Maybe, His perfect blood mingled on that branch with the wine.  Did the branch and the blood remind those gathered of Your sacrificial system that had been established?   

Scarlet like blood - fresh blood.  Yarn  ties two things together - a bonding through the blood of God and man; a yoke, even, where I am joined to You by what You have done.  Yarn which can be made into garments - clothing of righteousness, love and sacrifice.  

The shaving of the hair, all of it - that seems to be a renouncing of who I am, who others know me to be and being identified by You and Your protocol.  Being unfashionable and uncomfortable; but recognizable as Yours.  Obedient, clean, humbled, accepted. 

And all of this is done in response to Your call.  Lord, it is come in Your one and only way or cleanness is not pronounced, acceptance is not granted - true from back in the wilderness and now in the New Covenant.   I praise You that You have made me clean, You have invited me and enabled me to respond.  I magnify Your Name  for Your Holy Spirit, Your work and Your Word which teaches me of You and Your ways.  Lord, strengthen me to walk in obedience, humility, cleanness and the full acceptance You have given me that I may bring You glory and make You famous in my life.  

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