Sunday, September 25, 2011

Leviticus 20

... I am the LORD who sanctifies you.  It's not what I do, how I do it or what sacrifices I try.  Sanctification is from the LORD only.  Penalties and consequences for sin are not sanctification.  Father, help me to receive all the sanctification that You have for me.  Let me not wiggle around nor let me be deceived into thinking that I have anything to do with sanctification.  You are the One who sanctifies me.  I receive that Lord, let me live it.

... Their blood shall be upon them ....  The sin is committed; and judgment happens, death ensues and their blood shall be upon them.  Not God, who ordered their deaths, not the people who carry out the orders; but those who having the truth and that law in their  minds, chose to act in full rebellion to it.  Consequently, their blood is on them.  They chose disobedience, they died.  It's on them.  Lord, I thank you for grace; but I also thank You for Your complete provision of law.  You don't leave any wiggle room in Your directions:  do x, death is the consequence.  And by choosing x, the perpetrator understands that the result or harvest will include death.  You are holy and what You do is holy.  Give me a heart and mind for Your holiness and truth.  Let me choose life.  That I may bring You glory and that no one's blood would be upon me.

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