Thursday, September 8, 2011

Leviticus 4

Unintentional sin.  How did the unintentional sin get figured out ... an accident, perhaps or an illness, "misfortune" ... ?  From the results or circumstances which appeared less than optimal - not the blessed life?  This makes me wonder; yet I am not sure that the nature of an unintentional sin really matters.  What does matter and what so encourages me is God has a provision for this situation.  He knew we would blow it, at times, unintentionally.

So, in imagining if I lived back then and I had committed unintentional sin - which would  be perhaps unknown to me, the perpetrator.  And somehow, the matter comes to comes to my attention.  What do I do about this? 

My response - no matter if I was common person, priest, leader or part of the whole - must be humble and willing to take the steps which lead to me appropriating the atonement which has been provided through this process by my God for me.  Sure, I can live in denial for a time; but what found me out will still be sitting on my doorstep and heart until I rightfully tend to the matter.  And I am pretty sure I left "de Nile" back in Egypt. (=})

Another very compelling characteristic of this provision is the matter is not dealt with privately nor circumspectly.  This was a very public resolution.  Which makes it very obvious to the me and community  that the matter is completely resolved in God's presence.  No self-doubt, no worries that I did it wrong, no 90 day probation to test a heart, no lingering talk or gossip because the remedy was applied and accepted.  

The fact that the burnt portion of this offering is offered like the peace offering as God described it blesses me even more - suggesting that this part of the ceremony is to bring peace, restore the rightness of relationship within the community and with the Lord, re-establish well-being of the perpetrator - me.   

The carcass of the sacrificed animal was to be taken out of camp and permanently disposed of - what a picture of the sin being removed from the presence of the offender and the community.  God's forgiveness and atonement leaving peace and a sweet fragrance amidst the blood.  Never forget the blood - as even unintentional sin much be paid for, at great cost.

I have a tendency to read quickly through these sacrifices as the killing and blood are hard to dwell on.  But, that's the point.  Sin brings death.  Life is lost due to sin.  Even unintentional sin.  Life must pay sin's debt.  

Lord Jesus, my Messiah, I cannot thank You enough for paying for even my unintentional sin.  Thank You for Your life for mine.  It was Your blood which was poured out at the altar.  Your life for mine.  You paid for my heinousness and my screw-ups.  You bring peace; peace with You and peace with my peers.  I praise You that my efforts may be suspect; but Your atonement is perfect and sufficient.  No need to wonder.  I thank You for the gracious teaching You gave Your newly freed children to purify their worship, to know they could approach You and to comprehend holiness.  You chose them and  they were Yours, as am I.   The belonging You arranged and kept in place.  The sacrifices were to reconcile - not make them more Yours.   Please help me to walk in the boldness and grace that belonging to You brings.  I love You.

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