Friday, September 2, 2011

Exodus 38

What initially strikes me is the overlay of the precious metals on the common material is like the Holy Spirit coming upon the people in the first covenant. We have the indwelling of the Holy Spirit in the new covenant – I praise You Lord for Your design and supply. Holy Spirit, I thank You for Your presence in my life. May we all reflect Your glory, to the praise of Your very great Name.

Another thought which washed over me was the fact that the gold was used on the table, the altar of incense, the ark, the mercy seat,the lampstand …. bronze is used on the altar of burnt offering, the utensils for that altar, the basin and its stand. Gold is used where the presence of God was to meet them and with the items used to honor Him. The bronze was outside of the holy places. Bronze was used to deal with the people’s sin, to cleanse spiritually and physically.

You couldn’t get to the gold place without passing through the bronze place. …

Jesus is my bronze place. He has taken away my sin and cleansed me. Because of His great and loving gift, I am allowed the gold place. The Holy Place, The Holy of Holies. I have always seen Jesus in the gold place – the Table of Showbread, the Mercy Seat, the Lampstand; But I have just realized this is a picture of Him, too. All the careful regulations, the precise manner of approaching, the exact method of cleansing, the specific sacrifices and timings. My little mind is just boggled at the enormity of the law’s requirements for atonement. To have been a priest must have been a frightful thing for the newbies. The consequence was death. The amazing thing about the Messiah’s gift is the consequence is … IS life.

Oh, I praise You my Lord and my Messiah. Let me today walk in greater cognizant gratitude towards You. And I praise You for answering yesterday’s prayer of showing me from what You have saved me. I don’t think You are done in Your revelations to me; but I trust You to give me the answer You desire me to have. And only if You think it right. Father, please continue to purify my heart, my mind, my motives, my needs that I may be like gold in this dark world. Lord, You give me chutzpah … holy chutzpah. Thank You, Abbi.

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