Monday, September 5, 2011

Leviticus 1

The offerings for atonement were to be placed on the wood.  Jesus was placed on the wood. 

I still marvel at the availability of wood in a desert.  I am astonished that the Creator supplied the very instrument of His death, and made them beautiful and useful to His creation in the meantime.  Useful even to Him in His earthly life and work. 

I am just blown away with His previousness and His divine provision.  His love triumphed over His comfort. 

I am in awe of Your love, Lord.  Words cannot convey the emotions and thoughts which are washing over me as I think of Your amazing plan from before creation to be our Supply, our Source, our Sacrifice, our Salvation.  You set everything in place for victory.  You paid every part of the cost - even parts I don't know to imagine.  I worship You.  Only You could and would do this.  Help me to see You more and more in the story called the Old Testament, that I may be more and more devoted to You.

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