Thursday, September 1, 2011

Exodus 37

The acacia wood appears to be a wood which is easily found - either from within the camp or from the surrounding wilderness.  A common component used in a holy fashion.  Rather like the bearers of Christ - common folk, ordinary even; but when dedicated to the Lord, the divine call and obedient response yield a treasure in His infinite and majestic Kingdom.  His holy anointing on my mere mortal life can be a masterpiece if I yield to His sacred plan.  Acacia wood (me) + pure gold (God) = a useful, beautiful and glorious testimony to our Lord God. 

O, Father, let me yield completely to your all wise and supernaturally competent crafting in and on my life.  Help me to not be concerned that too much is being cut away or that my strength will be gone.  I need You to sustain me in this time of expressing Your design on my life.  Increase my faith that I will be useful to You and not a detriment (like I can mess You up, but I wonder if I am a bigger hindrance sometimes, Lord).  And, even as the acacia wood took to the process, may I be a reliable and hearty resource for Your Heavenly purpose; may I bear Your glorious presence faithfully and to the spread of Your fame.

All of this construction, crafting and excellence took place in the wilderness among tent-dwellers.  Oh Lord, let me be as available to You as these recent slaves were.  Let me not say, "It can't be done because I have not the resources nor the right tools.  I have never done such a thing."  Master Creator and LORD,  I offer You what I have and what I can do; I say, "May it be to me as You say."  I look to Your everlasting, never-ending supply for Your work. May I steward well and with grace - without doubt and complaint.

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