Saturday, September 17, 2011

Leviticus 13

When a man or woman has a disease on the head or the beard ...

Lord, this made me giggle - if a woman has a beard, she has more than a possible itch going on.  I do praise You for Your very specific instructions to Your people.  I love how involved You are in their lives, that each detail is significant; and You don't want them easily removed from camp unless they meet the standard of uncleanness.  You didn't have to get this personal and particular; but again You demonstrate that folks are important - to protect and to diagnose properly.  I praise You that there is no hocus pocus in this, nor any opportunity to influence the priest; just very clear if/then directions. 

And Your instructions to cover their upper lip - how very wise to give that instruction to cover their mouths, as science has suggested leprous diseases are transmitted by respiratory droplets.  Only You would know that.  Again, Lord, You prioritize and care about people.  Grant me a heart to minister in wisdom to Your people, as well.  Let me seek the knowledge to serve You only from You.  I desire to be that faithful priestess to the Most High God.  I need divine assistance in the decisions regarding how to treat folks, set my boundaries to bring You glory.  Teach me more about this facet of priesthood and walking in Your authority.

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