Thursday, August 4, 2011

Exodus 9

God had said the many wonders would not be effective in attaining the release of the Israelites - their salvation.  Those miracles were part of the establishing the division or distinctiveness of God's people.  God had spoken that salvation would require the death of the firstborn son.  Then a three day journey into the wilderness before the worshiping could happen.

Reminds me of another Firstborn Son who performed many signs and wonders - which did not bring salvation.   Like the earlier works, these incredible events served as a way of culling out those who were God's people from those whose hearts were hardened.  Similarly, it was the death of the Firstborn Son which was required to establish salvation.  So, too, a three day journey of sorts before the celebration could begin.  

Father, I praise You.  I thank You that You desire to make Your people distinctive, Your work is to draw them from the world and to You.  I praise You for Your wisdom in the wonders and the wildernesses.  I praise You that worship and jubilee in Your Name follow those three day journeys into the wildernesses of the unknown.  I praise You that You teach us to walk in freedom, You draw us to worship You apart from this present darkness.  Strengthen me for the days of Your splendors and for the peregrinations leading to praise and adoration.  I praise You that there is no condemnation in You. 

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