Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Exodus 17

One to stand with steady hands and the rod of God; 

two to support the one standing; 

one, with some chosen folks, to go out, fight and defeat with the edge of the sword.

I realize this sounds like the answer to the joke "how many Hebrews does it take to defeat Amalek?"; but it's not.  A different picture came to me as I read this text.  

One stands, with the authority of God. This one has the power to call to war.  This one also is seated on a rock - the Rock.  Perhaps this One is the Rock?

Others very close to the first one need to support the authority of God and the one who bears that responsibility.  Their purpose is unity in their support and to stand steady in wartime.

And more others who actually engage in the battle against the enemy.  Who battle until defeat is handed to the enemy.  Who are able to wield the sword of the Lord.

Each one plays a critical role in the fight and subsequent triumph.  Not one can be excused or written off.  Each must embrace their part and do so until the victory cry.  

My Commander in Chief, my Warrior Lord, may we all play our parts well.  May we faithfully respond to Your call to war.  May we all be united under the authority of God and God alone.  May we stand steady and focused on the battle, sensitive to the needs at hand and on the field.  May we consider the well-being of others before ourselves.  May we fight to the finish, Your finish.  May we bear honorably Your Sword.  

As we pray, Lord, help us to engage in the spiritual battles according to Your model.  Give us heart for the spiritual strife and combat.  Teach our hands and minds to war.  Do not let us depart from Your authority, Your power, Your glory.  Unity, Lord, unity.  Do it, Lord, do it now.

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