Monday, August 22, 2011

Exodus 27

The skills to make the temple must have been learned in Egypt. The metal working and all the details must have come from preparing the pyramids and other finery for the elite in Egypt – for surely, a bucolic people would not need much metalworking knowledge when they could barter for it. The master craftmanship was learned in their slavery.

When the Israelites left, they plundered the Egpytians who seemed to be willing participants in the despoiling. It strikes me that the commoners native to Egypt would not have the richness at their disposal to bless the departing slaves with; but that the nobility would have, the business owners would, also. In their time of enslavement, God’s children had great connections.

Father, I thank You for Your provision in times of pressing. Help me to be diligent in the difficult seasons that I may come away with the skills You intend for me to use later for the Kingdom. Whatever You have for me to do, let me do it as unto You, that my work ethic would shine, my relationships would be blessed and the networking You have prepared for me would be in place. Let me not grumble in those times; but embrace all that You have for me in those moments. Whether in richness or in want, Father God, let me live for You and not miss a morsel of what You have prepared for me. Life-stewardship to the praise of Your Name. Good choices. Godly choices and actions. Diligence in the dailyness. For Your Kingdom’s sake.

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