Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Exodus 28

Clothing for holiness, glory and beauty.  What a concept.

The requirements for ministering before the LORD are to be called and to answer the call in the way defined by God.  To bear the burden, the commemoration and the judgment of the people, both generally and specifically before the LORD.  To bear His holiness in a no-questions-asked manner - so that anyone who sees you will know you are "HOLY to the LORD."  The dress and conduct are consistent with the calling - holiness, glory and beauty.  Oh Father, may this be true of me.  Teach me Your ways, that I may reflect You. 

I praise You for Your tender attentions to the children of Israel in listing them by birth.  Lord, You arrested the contentiousness of competition from the gift of the design.  I praise You for seeing each one and, subsequently, each tribe as individuals worthy of unique nomenclature and remembering.  I praise You that You set no one above another; for only You is worthy of worship.  I also praise You for the fact that You adopt us into Abraham's line and not one of the subsequent heirs.  What a wise parent, God and Authority You are. 

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