Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Exodus 18

Without hardship, there is no rescue.  Without trouble, there is no delight in what the Lord does.

Oppression led to rescue which led to knowing God in new ways which led to praise.  Father God, let me land on praise every time. Help me to anticipate praise.  Let me revel in Your plan even when I am confounded by it.

Moses humbled himself before Jethro upon Jethro's arrival.  Later Jethro brings sage advice to Moe.  Without the humility Moe offered, would Jethro have been so willing to help his son-in-law?  If Moe had not been in the habit of humbleness, would he have been willing to take the advice.  Lord, help me to practice humility, to be humble before all men and women.  Let me not think more of me than I do of the person I most struggle with.

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