Sunday, August 21, 2011

Exodus 26

Oh Lord, the earth is Yours and all that is within it.  I praise Your Holy and Creative Name.  Every detail from the small to the large You teach.  Lord, may I look to You for the tiniest of items and for the grandest of designs - You alone have the master plan.  I am in awe of what You care to teach Your children; may I have those teachable hands, heart and mind and may I wait on You to give me the finer points instruction.  

And Father, did anyone else in Your throne room  know when You ordered the veil's construction what it was to represent; that, years later, it was to be discarded?  Did they applaud You more for the richness of Your blueprints?   I praise You that You didn't stick particleboard or polyester in Your precious place.  Your previousness still amazes me.  Please give me eyes to see You more in this manner.

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