Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Exodus 7

What an odd scenario; to have an audience with the Pharaoh and to whisper to your brother what the King of the Universe has told you and let your sibling relay it to the king.  This just strikes me as ridiculous.  Wonder what impact it had on Pharaoh.  Lord, help me to be very careful to not seek help when You have not instructed me to receive it.

Secondly, the Lord is warning again that the Pharaoh and the Egyptians will struggle in believing and responding rightly to what God is saying through Moses and  Aaron.  Moses, in his dialogues with God appears to struggle, too.  How hard it must be for the world and those in my circle of influence to believe when I can resist the Sovereign Lord as well as Moses did?  Father, I know I don't have perfect faith or even much at all; but I don't ever want my defiance, my bucking Your excellent authority, my demurring or even a misgiving to hinder another.  I know You use all things for Your glory; but I want to give You good things.  Please help me to speak when You say speak, wait when You say wait and go when You say go.  Lord, may I do all of these things in an appropriate, faithful and loving response to You  ... the first time.  I desire to delight in You, even in the difficulties.  May You be praised.

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