Thursday, August 18, 2011

Exodus 23

Do not serve their gods.  Do not bow down to other gods.  Do not worship other gods.

After all they had witnessed and experienced, they still need to be told sternly to not dabble, look or entertain other gods.  Lord, help me in my propensity to not be faithful.  Make me faithful to You.  Bind my wandering heart to Yours.  May I utterly overthrow any god which seeks to rest on my radar.

The LORD kept the enemies around the Israelites as they were useful to Him and the children.  Slowly were the adversaries to be dealt with.  Lord God, please help me to have vision for Your perfection and patience in the face of long-present foes; give me a heart and confidence for the timing of Your battles.  Increase my trust that I may live to the glory of Your Name amidst the enemies You are using for my good.  Help me to not wiggle around on the altar of living sacrifice when I am surrounded by large, hungry complications with forks.

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